Leland Parsons

Academic Librarian, Seabury Academic Library

M.L.I.S, Informational Relationships and Literacy, Wayne State University, B.G.S, Philosophy and History, University of Michigan

Hailing from Rockport, Massachusetts, Leland has taken the scenic route in life: traveling, working, and being educated. Leland focused his undergraduate studies in the literary aspects of existential philosophy and the history of ideas. Being a "lover of wisdom" it made sense to pursue a career in librarianship, which he did at Wayne State receiving a M.L.I.S focusing on information literacy and our relationship to information.

The honing of Leland's librarian skills has taken shape in academia for the past 20 years. At the University of Michigan’s: Labadie Collection, Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library, Art, Architecture and Engineering Library, and the UGLI, MIT's Science Library, and North Central Michigan College Library.