Eileen Ganter

Photo Archivist, Interlochen Center for the Arts


M.A. and B.A., Radio & Television Communication, University of Detroit

Eileen began her Interlochen association a while back, serving at Interlochen Public Radio from 1984 to 1997. There she was Operations Manager, editor of “The Guide,” host of “Music from Interlochen," and the noon news announcer known as the “Cloud Lady” because she ended each newscast with a local cloud report. Eileen has been on Cloud Nine since rejoining the Interlochen family in 2016 as an Audio Archives Assistant, digitizing open-reel audio tapes of Interlochen Arts Camp performances dating back to the 1950s. When that project was completed, Eileen transferred to the Photo Archives, where she has the joy of preserving and sharing treasured memories of Interlochen magic, which time cannot tarnish nor distance diminish.

Eileen graduated with a BA and MA in Radio & Television Communication from the University of Detroit and has years of first-hand experience with archival audio recording as well as film processing and printing methods both old and new. She enjoys the privilege of being rather archival herself, and looks forward to time spent reading, being in nature, learning about interesting things, finding lost things, and making people smile. She is blessed with a husband, a daughter, and a dog, all of whom love Interlochen.