Library Policies for Arts Academy

Your account

Students: type the number found on the front of your ID as your username and password.

Faculty and staff: type the number on the back of your ID as your username and password.

Loan periods

You must present your current ICA ID to borrow items.
You may borrow up to 15 items (maximum of 3 sound recordings).
Replacement processing fee: $5 (Academic Library) or $25 (Music Library).
Individual replacement costs vary by item.

Academic Library
Academy Students
Item Loan period
Books 3 weeks
Books on reserve 2 hours
Magazines 1 week
DVDs 1 week
Equipment 1 week
Music Library
Academy Students
Item Loan period
Sheet music (E)
Piano/vocal score (G)
Study score (D)
3 weeks
3 days
Large ensemble parts Concert cycle

Sheet music includes solo and small ensemble sets. You are responsible for returning all parts in each set.

The library does not loan these items:

- Orchestra sets (A)
- Band sets (B)
- Choir sets (C)
- Jazz sets (D)
- Full scores (FA, FB, FC, FS)
- Class method sets (MA, MB)

Students may borrow full scores if the library receives an instructor's request.

Lost items

Items more than 3 weeks overdue are considered lost.

If an item on your account is considered lost, you cannot check out items from the library until the lost item is returned or the cost of replacement and processing fee is paid.

If you return a lost item within the academic year or camp session, you will be refunded the full replacement cost and processing fee. If the item is returned after the academic year or camp session, we are unable to process a refund.

Academic Library

You will be billed replacement cost plus a $5 processing fee per item.

Music Library

You will be billed replacement cost plus a $25 processing fee per item.

You must return ensemble parts after each concert (band/orchestra/choir/jazz/percussion). Parts not returned are considered lost.  You will be billed $5/part plus a $15 processing fee.



Place items on hold

You can request a hold on a borrowed item to receive the next available copy.

If you don’t find an item in our catalog, you can either request it from another library by clicking on the MeLCat icon when searching the library catalog, filling out an ILL request, or contacting

Renew items

You may renew an item unless it is on hold for another patron. You can renew your items online by logging in to your account or in person when you bring your ID to the circulation desk.

Academic reserves

At an instructor’s request, books on specified topics are held on reserve at the Circulation Desk.  You may borrow items for 2 hours and may be asked to leave your ID at the desk while using these items in the library.

Finding materials at other libraries

Bonisteel Library participates with the Michigan eLibrary (MeL), which allows us to borrow materials from libraries throughout the state. To search these materials, visit the catalog at or click on the MeL icon anywhere you see it on our website.

If you still cannot find the materials you are looking for, send us a message with information about the item you are looking for on the Contact us page.

A/V equipment

The Interlochen IT Department offers audiovisual equipment in the library for use by students, faculty and staff. Camp usage is restricted to faculty and staff. You can reserve equipment at the circulation desk or by emailing

Available equipment:

- Apple computer chargers
- Cords and adapters
- External disc drives
- Zoom video recorders
- Video cameras
- Tripods
- Media Boxes (projector, remote, speakers, power strip, VGA cord and adapter)
- Projectors
- Speakers
- Screens
- Webcam and tripod
- Yeti USB microphones
- Power adapters for international travel
- Mobile printer
- Bluetooth presentation clickers
- Document cameras
- All-regions DVD players

Staff or faculty requesting a MiFi should visit the IT Help Desk (Monday-Friday, 8:00am-4:30pm).

Printing services

Black and white printing in the library is free to students, faculty, and staff. You can print from any computer in the library or connect to our printers via

Color printing on standard letter paper costs $.50/page for all patrons, and can be done at the standing computer by the Academic Library circulation desk.

Large formats and photos can be done on our professional poster printer. Departments can pay for large format and/or color printing via departmental transfer.


Page Size Cost
8 ½ x 11 photo paper $1
11 ¾ x 16 ½ photo paper $3
24 x 30 poster paper $12
Custom sizing Assessed by print size

Please bring cash for printing. We cannot charge student accounts.


Copy privileges are available to everyone at $.10/page. If you need help copying, please ask a librarian to assist you.

Two scanners are located by Academic Library computers. Directions are posted and assistance is available if needed.

Laminating costs $1/foot. Students pay at the time of use. Staff and Faculty can use a departmental transfer.

Please bring cash for these services. We cannot charge student accounts.

Binding services

The Music Library offers binding services at the main desk. Comb binding costs $2/item. Covers cost an additional $1.

Please bring cash for binding. We cannot charge student accounts.